Tuesday, 28 August 2012

The perks of Poundland

I have always thought of poundland as a place to go when I need things like bin-bags or a last-minute Halloween costume. But after reading this blog post from 'A Thrifty Mrs', I found that poundland may hold more treasures than I once thought!

In my local branch I found a selection of Rimmel, Stila, Sally Hansen, and a few other brands as well as a lot of nail polish. I'll be honest a lot of it is probably rubbish and dried up but at a pound a product, what is there to lose. Here's what I picked up..

Stila SPF 30 oil-free sheer colour tinted moisturiser in 'light 03'
Sally Hansen 'Diamond 12 Hour Lip Treatment'
Rimmel London 'Stir it up' eyeshadow in '700 Wassup?'

So far I am impressed with 2/3 of these products. I have tried the tinted moisturiser a few times and on first impressions it is a nice option for days when I am not necessarily going anywhere but feel the need for a skin boost. It is a light coverage and I would say quite moisturising, so probably not ideal for oily skin-types. Also it has SPF 30 in it so even if you are not one to often wear a foundation it is worth it for protecting your face as sun-lotion can be very pricey.

The eyeshadow is nice and quite pigmented although I found it quite hard to pick up on a brush for some reason. It is a shimmery bronze colour which when blended out is actually quite pretty, however personally it is not the sort of colour which I would use often.

The Sally Hansen lip gloss/treatment was the worst quality of the three as the brush was frayed at the ends and the product itself was quite sticky and did not seem to do much. However I have to say I have never been one to wear lip-gloss so I don't really have much to compare this to!

Definitely go check out your local Poundland for some bargains :)

Alice x

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  1. Definitely planning on going to poundland now aha!