Monday, 17 February 2014

Style on the Slopes?

A few weeks ago I went on my first ever skiing adventure! I have never hit the slopes before but luckily I had the chance to go with my university on a trip to Andorra. It was absolutely amazing and I had such an incredible time with my friends - even though I fell over countless times, leaving my body black and blue afterwards!

As I had never been skiing before I had no idea what to wear but I managed to gather together a ski outfit from various generous donaters. My friend was laghing at how 'stylish' I looked before we hit the slopes and how that quickly vanished after a few face-plants in the snow.

The 'Before' shot

For those of you who like me have never hit the slopes before but you want to look slightly presentable (even if it is only for the pre-ski photos!) then here are my skiing essentials...

  1. Some comfy matching knit-wear - this head band and snood were both from H&M and they were perfect as they kept me warm but they didnt fall off or unravel like a normal scarf and hat might do!
  2. Make-up Basics - If you can go without make up then by all means do it but personally I feel like I always need a little coverage so a light base and mascara (preferably waterproof!) were perfect for this.
  3. Lip Balm! Even if you don't normally suffer from chapped lips this is definitely an essential for the cold weather.
  4. Tissues - with face-planting the snowy ground comes, attractively enough, a runny nose. So again, an essential piece of kit!
  5. Layers - layers, layers, and more layers, topped off with a final waterproof layer and you are good to go.
What are your winter/snow essentials?

Alice x

Monday, 10 February 2014

OOTN Masquerade

My first attempt at a proper outfit post - sorry the pictures aren't great! Last week I went to a university clubbing event which was masquerade themed...

Top - Zara Sale
Disco Pants - Primark
Boots - Bershka
Mask - 'Deux Euro' store
Make up - Wake Me Up Foundation, Collection Conceiler, Collection liquid liner, Naked Basics Pallette on the eyes and eyebrows and Primark red lipstick

Alice x

Wednesday, 5 February 2014

I just can't help myself...

With the return to France comes the return of my shopping addiction. Whenever I find myself bored at the weekends I somehow find myself parting with my money.. and recently I have been loving a shop called Stradavarius. I think this is only in France and Spain but I might be wrong, either way they have an online store here.

There is a lot of classy and quality items at good prices. The cardigan above has been my outfit staple for months now.
They had a huge January sale in which I bought this bag for just 10 euros - its the perfect size and the studs add a nice detail.

Anyway if you get the chance visit Stradivarius - Definitely my new favorite shop!

Alice x