Friday, 24 July 2015

Skincare Part II

Following on from my last post, I am carrying on with my "skincare routine", moving on to cleansing...

Skin care cleaning brush: This is a very recent purchase, and a very cheap purchase! At a bargain price of £2.69 from amazon, I know there are more expensive and better quality versions out there but I thought id give this one a go first. It isn't the best and most powerful electric cleanser but it does the job and so far I am enjoying it! Feels like I get a very deep clean from using it.

Simple Face Wash: I use this with the brush above, and so far I feel its very nice and does the job of freshening up my face. So far I am not sure of its 'spotless skin' powers but I will certainly keep you posted! This one was purchased from ASOS of all places, complete with student discount!

Look out for the third and final part in the next few days (I bet you're all on the edge of your seats ;) )

Alice x

Wednesday, 22 July 2015

Skincare Part I

Happy Wednesday!

I thought over the next few posts I would go through what you might call my "skincare routine". I say this in inverted commas as I am incredibly lazy when it gets to taking care of my skin! However recently I have been experiencing a lot of break-outs so thought I would tackle this head-on. Some of these products are new and some my life-long friends. So, lets start with my make-up removal...

Garnier Micellar Cleansing Water: I'm sure you've heard of this cleansing water, it is very similar to the famous Bioderma. I use this on a cotton pad to remove my make up or even just freshen up after a long day, its brilliant! Also it is very inexpensive, particularly if you buy it from Savers where you can find a big bottle for just £2.99.

Garnier Fresh Refining Toner: See a theme occurring? I find I have an issue with shine, particularly in the hot summer weather we have been having, so I thought I would try this and its great! I use it after the Micellar water and it helps to get the final dirt and oil from my face at the end of the day.

Nivea Soft Moisturiser: I cannot live without moisturiser in my life, particularly after cleansing my face! Not much to say about this really; I have used it for years and years, its lovely and really inexpensive.

Stay tuned for my next skincare post in a few days!

Alice x

Tuesday, 7 July 2015

My Graduation Ball


Today I thought id share what I wore to my recent Grad ball - it was such a great night and a perfect way to say goodbye to University!

The Outfit
I got this dress last year from Zara but I have seen very similar ones in Zara and other shops this season! I love this dress as the white makes it a beautiful light and summery dress and it is made from stretchy scuba material so its super comfortable. Also, the low cut neck line and skater skirt style means it is very flattering.
The shoes I wore are just some old strappy sandles from Peacocks a few years ago, though there are loads in New Look this summer if you wanted to get your hands on a pair!
And finally I have a little necklace from H&M and earrings from Accessorize.

I lightly curled my hair and on my lips I have the Apocalips lip laquer in 'Eclipse'

The night was pretty good, there were acts such as Katy B and Labrinth playing as well as a funfair for everyone. It feels bitter sweet to have finally finished!

Alice x

Thursday, 2 July 2015

My Staycation

Last week I decided to join my parents on a little trip to Dorset. It made me appreciate England and the beautiful scenery which we take for granted!

Sadly I doubt I will be heading abroad this summer due to moving to London and starting a new job (and being skint because of it!) so this little glimpse of the English coast will have to do until my next holiday, and I must say - its not bad at all :)

What are your plans this summer?

Alice x

Monday, 22 June 2015

Setting Sail

I recently had a beautiful evening at a boat party which was a perfect end to my time at University. It was a formal event so I thought I would share with you my outfit for the night!
Dress - New Look (£9 on Sale)
Choker necklace - ASOS (£6)
Bar earrings - ASOS (£6)
Shoes - Peacocks (Old)

I love this New Look dress so much! I ordered 3 dresses in a recent order and love them all, very affordable and great quality. I am kitted out for summer events now!

Watching the sunset on the boat with drinks, music, and friends made it a perfect evening! 

Alice x

Saturday, 20 June 2015

Life Update: Finishing University, Moving to London...


I vow that this will be the last post where I begin: "Sorry it has been such a long time since my last post...", this is a fresh start! Not just for the blog but for everything, it is a time of changes, lots of changes...

I have finished University

Having received my final grades a few days ago, I can now say I have a Bacheoler of Science in International Marketing! *Applause!* It has been a long time coming, and the best four years, but I officially have finished University and I can't believe it. I have learnt to much in the past four years, not just academically but also learnt a lot about myself and had some of the best experiences. Now I just need to get graduation out of the way and then it is on to new things! Which brings me onto my next piece of news...

I am moving to London

Something I never imagined would actually happen, but I have got graduate a job in London and will be moving there in August! Coming from a small country village, living in London has always been something I wanted to try, and what better time than now. I cannot wait to explore the city and meet new people, it is bound to be a challenge at times (particularly financially) but I am looking forward to the adventure. I barely know London, so it will be the perfect opportunity to blog about it as I explore, and you can explore it with me!

Our course on the day of our final exam
It's been an incredible four years, and I cannot wait to see what the next four might bring.

Alice x

Monday, 30 March 2015

The end is nigh'...

When I looked at the date today I couldn't believe that it is already nearly April! Where has this year gone?! I feel like i'm a broken record as I always comment on how quickly time goes - but it really does. Particularly this year... Graduation is only a few months away!

Apologies for being so missing-in-action lately, it has truly been a hectic time. Here's a few things I have been getting up to in the past few months:

  • My Dissertation - It has crept up on me quickly, and has been taking up my whole life lately. Luckily, it should be done and handed in within the next two weeks so I will hopefully get a social life again!
  • Job Hunting - this year has been a blur of application after application for graduate jobs and schemes, and it has been so much more challenging that I ever could have imagined! Though I have faith that I will find one by Summer hopefully! I am excited to leave Uni and start a new chapter somewhere new.
  • Starting an Internship - I was lucky enough to have gained a term-time marketing internship which I can do on the side for the last few months of Uni, which is perfect! Extra experience and extra money, what's not to like.
  • Visiting friends - As my last year of being a student is quickly moving on, I decided to make the most of my spare time and make the effort to visit friends in various places. I had a weekend trip to Liverpool recently, and last week also went to Leeds. It has made me realise how much of the UK I still have to explore!
So hopefully you will understand how busy I have been lately! But I hope to add many more posts to my blog soon - particularly as my Dissertation will be ticked off in the coming weeks!

What is new with you?

Alice x