Friday, 8 August 2014

Be-right-back - off to Vietnam!

Today is my last day in the UK for a month, because tomorrow I am going to Vietnam! I mentioned this a few posts ago, but I am off travelling with Real Gap for 4 weeks, exploring North Vietnam. We start in Hanoi and end up on Halong Bay and I am so excited!!

Ever since returning from France in March I said to myself I wanted to do two things this summer; get an Internship for 3 months, and go travelling in a new country. I am so happy and lucky that I can say that my summer has turned out exactly as I hoped!

Last week I finished my Internship of 3 months and 3 weeks. It was a great experience and eventhough the 9-5 got a bit tiring at times I am so glad I have done it and now have it to put on my CV for graduation next year. 

So on to the packing...

The weather in Vietnam is set to be 32 Celsius plus, with probably a few rainstorms as i'm encroaching a bit on rainy season! So I feel I am well prepared with my clothing so far, as you can see, I doubt I will run out.

If I had been smart I would have set up some scheduled posts, but alas, I have not been that organised. So I'm sure we will all survive 4 weeks without any posts! Make way for a lot more when I return in September :)

What are your plans for the rest of your Summer?

Alice x

Thursday, 7 August 2014

Festival Fun Times

As you would have noticed, I recently went to WOMAD which is a festival located conviniently just down the road from me! We go every year and with the UK going through a heat-wave it was so unbelievably hot and lovely to have a few days chilling in the sun with a cider in hand.

As shown in my last Summer Staples post here, my new Primark hat provided welcome shade from the sun.
I had a great weekend - eating, drinking and listening to music in the sun - what's not to love! You probably wouldn't know any of the acts as they are from all around the world; but that is the beauty of WOMAD, there is no pressure to see a long list of artists, but instead you just stumble onto some under-rated musical genius.

Actually I lie, this year they had Sinead O Connor playing ('Nothing Compares', you 90's kids will know!)  

Until next year, WOMAD :)

Alice x

Saturday, 2 August 2014

English Summer

So with the weather being so beautiful here in England lately, I have found myself spending much more time in the great outdoors... 

Last week I  had a lovely day having a countryside walk with my beautiful friend Lara (see her blog here). We discovered that pine-cones come in all shapes and sizes.

Hat - Primark
Skirt - H&M
Top - Bershka
Bag - New Look

I forget how beautiful my surroundings are and how lucky I am to live in the countryside sometimes :)

How is your summer going so far?

Alice x