Monday, 19 May 2014

Bits and Bobs

A few bits I have picked up this month...

 Make Up Bag - Primark £4

Ohhh Primark, you've done it again ey! This adorable polka-dot make up bag is my new favourite thing. Just big enough for all the nesessities and the alphabet letter (available in all letters if you can get your hands on yours!) gives it extra cute points. 

W7 Stippling Brush - roughly £3

Got this on my recent Fragrance Direct order as I have always applied foundation with my fingers. Since trying this I can't apply my base without it! It gives a flawless finish and at a bargain price what have you got to lose.

Alice x

Saturday, 17 May 2014

It's not a compliment

Today's post is a little different and is something that has been on my mind lately... Since my recent stint living in France, I have become much much more aware of 'catcalling' - when a comment of a sexual nature is directed at you, most often in a public place. Girls, i'm sure a lot of you have experienced this at some point in your lives whether its the classic wolf whistle, car horn honk, or general comment about your appearance.

When I was living in France I really noticed that it is definitely part of 'everyday life' in Europe; for me I rarely could walk around the city without hearing comments such as 'so beautiful' (when alone, definitely not seen a compliment), 'sexy lady', and even on the very rare occasion being followed. Don't get me wrong, I have noticed this in England also, just definitely not the same extreme.

Although I like to think I am quite a confident person and I can mostly brush off things like that by ignoring it, I feel it has deifnitely made me look at male strangers in a different way, especially those who are not my age. Instead of seeing them as any other person on the street, when I am alone and in an unfamiliar place, particularly at night, I feel my guard go up, which when you think about it is incredibly sad. 

Although I know 99% of catcalling will never amount to anything more than that - it's still something that I feel needlessly makes women feel vulnerable, self-conscious, and even scared - and it's become all too frequent in today's society.

There is quite an interesting video about this matter here where the roles are reversed. Even-though it's quite funny to watch at parts, it's definitely thought provoking about what is acceptable as all of these scenarios are real-life experiences of women's 'normal' lives.

What do you think about Catcalling? I would love to hear your thoughts.

Alice x 

Thursday, 15 May 2014

Tunes tunes tunes

Personally I always love people recommending songs to me, especially when I am in an iTunes rut! So I thought today I'd give you my current favourites...

Tori Kelly- 'Dear No one', 'Confetti' and 'Thinkin bout you' cover

Lana Del Rey - 'Burning Desire' and 'West Coast'

The Cinematic Orchestra - To build a home

Ed Sheeran and Passenger - No Diggity (Kygo Remix)

Aluna George - 'Kaleidoscope Love' and 'Bad Idea'

Alt J - Taro

Beyonce - Blue

Daughter - Run (LCAW remix)

Jhene Aiko Ft. Childish Gambino - Bed Peace

Justin Timberlake - Suit and Tie (Oliver Nelson Remix)

What have you been listening to lately?

Alice x

Friday, 9 May 2014

Signature Scent

I never really buy perfumes for myself - it is usually a gift as most of the time I can't bring myself to spend so much on a scent rather than  a new dress.. However I have heard so much about the Stella perfume and when I saw it for £19.99 on Fragrance Direct I decided to go ahead and get it!

This is Stella by Stella McCartney in what I believe is one of the limited edition bottles so there are a few designs kicking about. I love the snake-skin design of this one and it is the perfect size for a handbag perfume! I won;t even try and describe the smell as I am terrible at that but just know that it smells beautiful - subtle yet sophisticated. Go and give it a smell when you are next in the perfume section! Definitely my new signature scent.

What is your favourite perfume at the moment?

Alice x

Tuesday, 6 May 2014

Photo Frenzy

Since getting back from Toulouse I have been on a bit of a photo hype as I want reminders of what an amazing year I have had! I took a heck load of Instagram pictures in the last few months and some of them are such great photos I couldn't bear for them to be stuck on my phone forever-more.

So I went ahead and got these adorable polaroid-effect prints from Polargram. These are the 'classic' print where you get 12 for £6 which could be seen as a little pricey compared to your normal Photobox order but I think 50p a print is well worth it for something a bit different to your normal photo.

The prints would look great just stuck on your wall but to display my little memories I decided to make use of an old frame and organize them in a collage. I really love the way it turned out and think its a really sweet way to display your Instagram snaps!

Have you ever got your Instagram snaps printed?

Alice x

Friday, 2 May 2014

"On Wednesdays, we wear pink"

Pink About It
All Tied Up
Whenever I order something from 'Fragrance Direct' I always get a few of these with my order because they are such a bargain! These lovely Essie nail polishes are only £2.50 which is a fraction of the RRP of £7.99. I love the darker brownish pink as its quite a sofisticated colour for work, and the baby pink is a shade I have been wanting for ages! It's such a flattering and cute colour, and this one has a nice little hint of glitter that you can only see in the light.

They don't have the whole color range on Fragrance Direct but definitely worth a look if you're curious!

Alice x