Saturday, 16 February 2013

Maybelline 'The Falsies' Mascara - Review

Today I am going to do a short review on the Maybelline 'The Falsies' Mascara. Its a product which I have seen loved by loads of people all over youtube and blogs so I thought it was about time I picked it up! It was on offer for about £4 when I purchased it so not bad price-wise.

Maybelline 'The Falsies' Mascara in 'black drama' - RRP 7.99
It definitely does a great job of giving my lashes length and curl - I particularly like the curved wand as it makes it so much easier to apply. Below you can see before and after pictures to see it's effect...

So as you can see they give amazing length and give a spidery effect which I like. The only downside to this product would be that I find it smudges underneath my eye during the day a little.So maybe when it runs out I will think about buying the waterproof version as I feel it may stay put for longer.

If it wasn't on offer i'm not sure I would pay £7.99 for it as I feel there are cheaper mascaras which do pretty much the same thing. But for £4 I can't complain!

Overall a great mascara though and definitely one of my favourites :)

Alice x

Friday, 8 February 2013

January in a nutshell

Return to university
So with the start of January comes the start of uni again and the start of the dreaded exams. Although home is lovely I have grown to love living a tad more independantly so it's great to be back and with my friends again. Needless to say exams were slightly stressful and horrible but here's hoping I scraped through (results in a few weeks eeek), fingers crossed!

Coming back to Southampton also means I find myself wondering into town and accidentally buying some clothes and make-up eventhough I really really shouldn't. Oh well. A few favourites of January have to be my new khaki jacket from the Zara sale (I had wanted one like this for ages), new jeans (again), and some new make-up gems such as the maybelline 'the falsies' mascara.

This month hasn't brought me many new musical discoveries to be honest. I have been enjoying Daughter, 'Youth' and 'Your Kisses' are songs I feel I will never grow tired of. Also 'Atlas Hands and 'Pictures' by Benjamin Francis Leftwich are just beautiful. And finally, I must admit, my guilty pleasure of this month has definitely been Taylor Swift with '22' and 'Trouble' - too good :)

Making Progress
I managed to secure an Internship this month for a small company over Easter which has really given me a huge boost in my University work and general confidence in what I am doing, which is never a bad thing!


I have barely been to see any films recently, i find the cinema is just so expensive these days that I need to really want to see a film before I fork out £8 to see it! One that I did pay the price for, or half (thank god for Orange Wednesdays), was Les Miserables. It was definitely worth the money and a great film! Hugh Jackman is my true love i'm sure of it. Although I do have to admit, even though it was great it doesn't come close to the real deal in the theatre; if you get the chance to see it live - do it.

A new obsession which has come about is my love of 'Girls'. No, I am not a lesbian, I mean the new American sit-com which I find myself constantly watching - it's a funny, easy watch which I would recomend. I also feel it's about time I get into 'Homeland' now as I have heard too many good things not to!
Scented candles are another new obsession. I feel slightly lost when one runs out and I have no back-up these days.

Anyway I think that's about it, I'm sorry if this post was waffly and boring but I wanted to kill some time!

-Alice x