Tuesday, 3 December 2013

Shoulda put a ring on it

A short post today about my recent obsession with silver jewellery, particularly rings! Sadly these are not all real silver (hence the orange tinge to a few as they start to lose their colour) however I am on the look out for some real ones to start building up my collection. But for now, these will do...

Left to Right
-Two silver bands - Brandy Melville
-Above knuckle ring - Primark
-Sterling Silver rings - Daisy and Pandora
-Above knuckle ring - Galleries Laayette (not sure of brand!)
-Small silver ring - toe ring from random shop
Zig-zag ring - Brandy Melville
Eye ring - H&M
-Silver band - Brandy Melville
-Nail colour - MUA (not sure of shade)

Excuse my freaky hands they look a bit weird in these pictures! So yes I love these small silver bands from Brandy Melville however as I said they have begun to lose their colour already as they are not real silver. So I am on the hunt for some cheap silver ones soon. Any suggestions?

Alice x


  1. That eye-shaped ring looks really cool!

    http://ncboodah.blogspot.ca (I have a giveaway on my blog right now!)