Monday, 15 September 2014

Vietnam in pictures

I'm going to let the photos speak for themselves...

Floating Fishing Village - Halong Bay
Volleyball on a beach at Cat Ba Island - Halong Bay
Halong Bay
The cutest child I have ever met - Sapa
Waterfall in Sapa
River in Sapa

Halong Bay (again, too beautiful!)
The family we stayed with in Sapa

Our Group
We were excited to have found a waterfall!
Jumping off the boat at Halong Bay
Underwater Beer Selfies
Me and Helena went Paragliding - Hoi An

The trekking group

After a month in the most incredible country I have ever been, I am back! Vietnam was absolutely stunning; seeing its scenery, culture and history with a brilliant group of people made it the best month and exactly what I needed.

For those of you familiar with the country, I travelled around the north; starting in Hanoi, then Ninh Binh and Tam Coc, followed by Hoi An, and then trekking through Sapa before finally having a week at the stunning beaches on Halong Bay. Every place we went was like a completely different country in itself, with completely different scenery and culture.

If you didn't know, I travelled with RealGap which is a company where you meet up with a random group of people and the whole trip is planned out for you. It was an amazing trip and I met some friends for life so if you are thinking about travelling and don't fancy going it alone, definitely check out RealGap here. (Full review of the trip coming soon!)

Being in the little Vietnam bubble away from work, university and the real world was bliss and although I miss it already, I feel refreshed and ready for my final year at university!

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How has your month been?

Alice x


  1. Wow it looks so great :) amazing pictures, new follower x

  2. I'M SO JEALOUS. No matter how many times I look at these photos I can never get over how amazing it all looks! xxxxxxxx

  3. I wish i could go to Vietnam.... you're sooo lucky!! BTW, love the pics... everyone seems so happy!!


  4. My boyfriend insists we go to Vietnam, I have always been slightly reluctant in favour of Thailand. But THESE pictures, it looks amazing. That water! I hope you all had a wonderful time, it certainly looks amazing!!

    Emma x

    1. I can't reccomend it enough! It was the most beautiful country I have ever been too, definitely a must-do :)
      Alice xxx