Tuesday, 24 December 2013

Joyeux Noël

Christmas already! This is madness. 

I am now home for Christmas in rainy and windy Wiltshire and I love it. The last few months in Toulouse have been some of the best for my life but its always nice to be home with family and friends! 

It has again been a while since my last post - in all honesty I have been lacking inspiration. Well, that as well as life just getting in the way!

Here is my last month in a nutshell..

1. I recieved some lovely letters a while ago from my old housemates - it makes such a nice change to have handwritten letters rather than a text message!
2. Me and my housemate ready for the 'Vous etes des Animaux' party with our university. Of course I had an extremely origional outfit involving anything leopard print I could find.
3. The Coca Cola truck came to Toulouse and brought Santa along!!
4. I jetted home for the weekend at the beginning of December to see my brother as he won't be around for Christmas this year
5. My excited 'im going home' face
6. We decorated the christmas tree! Its not a real one but good enough :)
7. Christmas dinner No. 1 - beaut
8. The Toulouse christmas lights at Capitole are beautiful
9. My christmassy outfit ready for our '12 pubs of christmas' pub crawl (needless to say I only made it to 6 of them!)
10. Something you don't see everyday on the metro haha
11. I went to my first rugby match Toulouse vs. Connacht (sadly we lost!)
12. My housemate made me a delicious lasagne for dinner.
13. With the end of term came exams and the first bit of work I have done in months!
14. A lot of my friends left Toulouse for good this Christmas - very sad to see so many of them go!
15. Mail from my lovely mother.

It has been an amazing term - can;t believe how fast it has all gone! Sadly it ended on a slightly sour note though as my bag was stolen leaving me with no phone, cards, etc. But tt the end of the day possessions can be replaced though - happy to be home and healthy for Christmas.

I hope you have a very Merry Christmas :)

Alice x

Tuesday, 3 December 2013

Shoulda put a ring on it

A short post today about my recent obsession with silver jewellery, particularly rings! Sadly these are not all real silver (hence the orange tinge to a few as they start to lose their colour) however I am on the look out for some real ones to start building up my collection. But for now, these will do...

Left to Right
-Two silver bands - Brandy Melville
-Above knuckle ring - Primark
-Sterling Silver rings - Daisy and Pandora
-Above knuckle ring - Galleries Laayette (not sure of brand!)
-Small silver ring - toe ring from random shop
Zig-zag ring - Brandy Melville
Eye ring - H&M
-Silver band - Brandy Melville
-Nail colour - MUA (not sure of shade)

Excuse my freaky hands they look a bit weird in these pictures! So yes I love these small silver bands from Brandy Melville however as I said they have begun to lose their colour already as they are not real silver. So I am on the hunt for some cheap silver ones soon. Any suggestions?

Alice x