Thursday, 7 August 2014

Festival Fun Times

As you would have noticed, I recently went to WOMAD which is a festival located conviniently just down the road from me! We go every year and with the UK going through a heat-wave it was so unbelievably hot and lovely to have a few days chilling in the sun with a cider in hand.

As shown in my last Summer Staples post here, my new Primark hat provided welcome shade from the sun.
I had a great weekend - eating, drinking and listening to music in the sun - what's not to love! You probably wouldn't know any of the acts as they are from all around the world; but that is the beauty of WOMAD, there is no pressure to see a long list of artists, but instead you just stumble onto some under-rated musical genius.

Actually I lie, this year they had Sinead O Connor playing ('Nothing Compares', you 90's kids will know!)  

Until next year, WOMAD :)

Alice x

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  1. This looks like fun, I have a WOMAD festival in my city in Australia too (WOMADelaide) I love how chilled out the vibe is there, glad you had fun xx