Monday, 30 March 2015

The end is nigh'...

When I looked at the date today I couldn't believe that it is already nearly April! Where has this year gone?! I feel like i'm a broken record as I always comment on how quickly time goes - but it really does. Particularly this year... Graduation is only a few months away!

Apologies for being so missing-in-action lately, it has truly been a hectic time. Here's a few things I have been getting up to in the past few months:

  • My Dissertation - It has crept up on me quickly, and has been taking up my whole life lately. Luckily, it should be done and handed in within the next two weeks so I will hopefully get a social life again!
  • Job Hunting - this year has been a blur of application after application for graduate jobs and schemes, and it has been so much more challenging that I ever could have imagined! Though I have faith that I will find one by Summer hopefully! I am excited to leave Uni and start a new chapter somewhere new.
  • Starting an Internship - I was lucky enough to have gained a term-time marketing internship which I can do on the side for the last few months of Uni, which is perfect! Extra experience and extra money, what's not to like.
  • Visiting friends - As my last year of being a student is quickly moving on, I decided to make the most of my spare time and make the effort to visit friends in various places. I had a weekend trip to Liverpool recently, and last week also went to Leeds. It has made me realise how much of the UK I still have to explore!
So hopefully you will understand how busy I have been lately! But I hope to add many more posts to my blog soon - particularly as my Dissertation will be ticked off in the coming weeks!

What is new with you?

Alice x

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