Monday, 27 August 2012

Ramble Ramble

It's about 4pm at the moment and looking out my window it feels like its night-time as the weather is so dull and rainy! As far as summers go, this has definitely been one of the best but in no way is that due to the English weather - so much for global warming.

Today's post isn't about anything specific as I have mostly been working for the last week or two so my life is far from exciting! I went out to a party on Saturday night with some friends which was nice - really gets me in the mood for going back to uni! Bring on freshers (again)!

Bec and myself (
Bec - Top and jacket from Topshop, skirt and belt from Primark, and necklace from France
Myself - Top from Newlook, skirt and earrings from H&M and belt from Primark

My birthday is approaching this Sunday, the big 20! I'm not really looking forward to it to be honest as as usual I am lost for inspiration as what to do for it - here's to hoping that the weather will perk up for it. One good thing about birthdays is the guilt-free shopping afterwards I suppose ;)

Sorry that this post lacked any sort of direction - it's one of those days :)

Alice x

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