Saturday, 11 August 2012

My Trip To South Korea

I am currently on my summer holidays and I have been lucky enough to have just come back from an amazing week in South Korea! This is thanks to my brother who has been working there since last October and offered me the chance to visit him.

It was an amazing trip; partly because I finally got to see my brother after 8 months but also because Korea is an amazing place. After learning about the Korean war back when I was at school, I found it really interesting to see what South Korea is like now. Obviously I didn’t visit the North, however, as it’s a bit wild up there!

We spend most of the week visiting the capital, Seoul, and then also Incheon and Songdo.

As you can see the buildings were incredible, especially in Songdo which is ‘reclaimed land’ and so is completely new and not set to be complete until 2015.

Seoul Zoo was definitely a highlight of my trip! Who doesn’t love the Zoo?! And it was so cheap as well compared to British Zoos at about £2 entry.

And, of course, the food was deliciousss. Apart from the very traditional Korean meal we had one day which involved a lot of raw fish - not my cup of tea! There was a place we went where you cook at your table which was really yummy.

McDondalds was mega cheap there too which was a bonus ;)

I bought a few bits and bobs when I was there so might do a post on that at some point very soon. But yes, very lucky to have gone and I would definitely go back - An Amazing week!

Alice x

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