Sunday, 12 August 2012

Korea Haul

The first 'Haul' of my blog - exciting times! Haha no I thought I would show some of the adorable nick-nacks  that I bought when I was in Korea, so here goesss...

Ridiculous Amount of Cute Notebooks

Totoro Keyring ~ Pens

Nail Varnishes from 'The Face Shop'

Cute Vocab Book For French

Make-Up Brushes From Forever21

I <3 Korea T-Shirt

This is a few of the bits I got whilst away - as you can see there is a hell of a lot of cute stationary! I couldn't resist it.

The Nail Varnish was super cheap (it was about 70/80p a bottle) and is actually very good quality; so if you're ever in Asia and see 'The Face Shop' grab some of these. The colours are perfect for summer as well.

The Make up Brushes caught my eye because they were pretty if i'm honest but after having used a few they aren't all bad for about £3 for the pack.

If I had had all the money in the world to spend I would definitely go back to Korea purely for the shopping.

Alice x