Friday, 10 August 2012

First Post! Helloooo

Hi there, my name is Alice and I am a marketing student. This is one of many Blogs I have started as I never manage to keep up with regular posts - i'd like to say life gets in the way but it's probably more laziness.

So as a first post I suppose it would be fitting for me tell you a bit about me -

I am 19 years old and come from a small country village which, eventhough it is sometimes dull, is beautiful and has been my home all my life.

I have just completed my first year at university which flew by (thankfully passing all of my exams in the process). I have 3 more years left and I can't wait - university has definitely brought a new excitement and independence to my life for which I am thoroughly enjoying.

In my spare time (which I have had by the bucket-load this summer) I mostly see my friends and family (generic answer but true). In terms of 'hobbies' I wouldn't say I have one overriding interest in life. I spend too much of my time on my laptop on either facebook, youtube, twitter or reading blogs. I also have a love of films, reading and music - but who doesn't. I keep a record of my life through scrap-books and have managed to keep that up for 2 years now (impressive by my standards). All of these you may not regard as hobbies and more of a waste of my time haha.

So what will this blog contain exactly?

Honestly, I have no idea.
It will most probably be a mixture of everything and anything in my life whether it is related to films, music, books, fashion, beauty, marketing or just my day in general.

This may turn into something regular (here's to hoping) so enjoy :)

Alice x

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