Thursday, 6 September 2012

A Drop of Sun

Hooraaay the sun is finally here! Since Monday we have had clear blue skies which I am most definitely not complaining about.

The only shame was that it was grey and dreary on my Birthday - however I still had a lovely day nonetheless :) However I just can't believe I will never be able to say i'm a teenager again, I don't feel old enough to be 20 already! Time is moving too fast for my liking, I need to stop wasting time watching one tree hill (though we all know that will never happen) and make the absolute most of this year.

I was offered to work at my university's Open Days on Tuesday so stayed in Southampton for 2 days which was fun - and a bonus getting paid for it! 

The Docks in the sunshinnneee
I might have accidentally gone shopping and spent some of my birthday money whilst there and bought a new pair of boots from Topshop - the 'Mighty' boots. I love them but contemplating whether they are very practical for uni so mightttt return them. Though who wants practicality in their wardrobe?

Just thought i'd do a quick update as I was bored - I plan to write a lot more next week!

-Alice x

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