Friday, 21 September 2012

Shoes, shoes, shoes

It has been an AGE since I last posted anything as I just haven't had anything to write about to be honest. However I thought i'd do one today about some of my recent shoe purchases. Part of me doesn't like doing these 'haul' type posts as I feel like i'm coming across as boasting or something, but personally I like reading stuff like this so oh well! Also bear in mind that I probably won't buy another pair of shoes for years now haha as i'm all set.

New Look - £24.99
I have been eyeing up these for a few months now and I thought seeing as my old pair of black heels are falling apart I could treat myself haha. I also had a voucher for New Look from my birthday so wasn't too pricey! I haven't worn them out yet and I can see them killing my feet but I shall persist through freshers week with them on nonetheless.
Deichmann - £14.99
I needed some comfy shoes to walk to uni every day seeing as i'm a good 20 minute walk away this year. I was looking at vans and converse but then came accross these which were a fraction of the price and actually seem very good quality so far! And it was free shipping and free returns online which is always a bonus so definitely check out the website.
Topshop - £45
These are the most expensive boots I have probably ever bought as I always go for the cheap and cheerful pairs you find in Primark or something. However I thought seeing as these are leather boots and from topshop, £45 (£40.50 with student discount) wasn't actually too bad for a pair of boots. They have a mid-heel which I also like as I feel they could transition between night and day and also look a bit more mature than your average flat ankle boots.

Never have I bought so many pairs of shoes within such a short space of time but I think these three pairs of shoes will easily see me through for a looong time :)

I am going back to uni this weekend so I will be sure to post about my new room if it turns out well!

Alice x

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  1. lovely new look heels! I love shoe shopping! <3 typical girl haha xo
    please check out my blog if you have time I'm new so it means a lot! Thankyou!