Monday, 15 October 2012

Home for the year


So I have now returned to uni (yaaay!) and moved into a house. I have finally got my room kinda in order so I thought I'd do a little post on it and a few things I have done!

I have one of the smaller rooms in the house which I was sort of sad about to start with but now I loveee it and also I swear it is warmer than the larger rooms in the house :) Our house is cheap and cheerful so it's no palace but its 'charming' in its own little way (in spite of the constant mess and various broken appliances we are slowly discovering - but that's what being a student is all about, right?).

This is sort of my room as you walk in, you can see the foot of my bed and window. The drawers/'dressing table' is new from Ikea as I needed some drawers that would fit into the awkward cubby-hole! So we got this chest of drawers which I looove and the smaller drawers are so handy for make-up storage. Bedding is also from Ikea.

This is my window where I have little nic-nacs like my rings in a little dish and perfumes. The little owl pot is the newest addition from New Look!

Not much to say here - my desk and laptop. Probably a place I will procrastinate to no end.

And on this wall I stuck on the wall stickers I got in Korea, I really like how it turned out :) And again, the mirror is of course from Ikea and the bedding also (it was £12 so I thought it would be kinda bad quality but its actually really nice).

And thats about it realllly! Not much else to say apart from that I have shopped waay too much already since ive been here considering I have yet to succeed in finding a job. Maybe i'll do a post on a few things I have bought sooooon.

Thanks for reading :)

Alice x

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