Thursday, 31 January 2013


It has been unbelievably long since I wrote a blog post - I am not very good with this blogging malarky.
I thought i'd try get back into it with a short update on the past few months...

- Christmas was lovely having the whole family back together to welcome in 2013. The break from uni was great but again it just flew by - three weeks was not long enoughhh.

- Second year has already flown by, I cannot believe i'm already halfway through. Exams are all done for Semester one so I have had a short time of relaxing in the past few weeks before Semester two gets well and truly underway!

- With my return to University after Christmas I have managed to get an internship for Easter which is amazing - i'm anxious but excited to finally get some hands-on marketing experience.

- As the year moves swiftly on, my year abroad moves swiftly closer. I will be in Toulouse in France for Year 3 of university which is daunting yet exciting as I struggle to improve my extremely bad french skills. With this adventure abroad though my goal is to keep a very regular blog going so I record every aspect of it. My virtual diary for the year.

- One of my new years resolutions is to blog more often so watch this space!

Alice x

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