Saturday, 20 April 2013


I was going to do 'March Favourites' but it appears time moves too quickly these days haha. So these are my 'current favourites'...

Shopping again.. oops.

Disco Pants Dupes
I heard that Primark do disco pants and have literally been looking for them everytime I go in the shop. The other day I finally found them and its safe to say that I am in loveeee <3

Disco Pants - Primark (£15)

Crop tops
Crop tops used to make me think of the Spice Girls and dangerous exposure of mid-rifts. However recently I have been finding them a staple for nights out - I have a few lace tops which paired with a plain high-waisted skirt only show a peep of skin and are actually now one of my go-to outfits. Definitely a new love!

Crop Top - Topshop (£16)

Chelsea Boots
This is the third pair of identicle chelsea ankle boots I have purchased (all three from different places) as I love the design and find they go with actually everything. This particular pair are from Diechmann which used to be online-only but recently I found a real-life shop in my local town which was exciting indeed. They were super cheap at about £17. - If you don't have one nearby take a look online as its free delivery + returns.

Chelsea Boots - Diechmann (£17)

Van looky-likes
Another shoe-favourite are these bargain (£6) van look-a-likes from Primark. Can't go wrong really.

'Vans' - Primark (£6)


Nothing much new but obsessed with Mirrors by Justin Timberlake - I could have it on repeat constantly. Also liking Chocolate by The 1975 - my friend showed me it and I lovesss it.

The Box

Downton Abbey
A bit late in the game on this one but I started watching it from Season 1 the other day and have already finished it (too much free time) - can't wait for season 4!

I got through both seasons of this in the space of a few weeks - it's so gripping! Definitely reccomend it.

-Alice x


  1. I've had JT on repeat this last weekend. God I love him!
    Those vans look great!

  2. I lovee the crop top, coral is so pretty :) x