Friday, 3 May 2013


We Heart It
It is already May... I actually cannot believe it - Christmas seems like yesterday! 

Busy May ahead...

The start and end of exam season
If you are a student you will understand what a horrible time this is.. for me this year, however, it consists of one exam (I have a lot of green eyed monsters around me lately..) so I will be officially finished with year two by the 21st May. Time is going far, far to quickly!
The end of Year 2 at university

And with the end of the year comes a lot of goodbyes as I will be spending next academic year in Toulouse so chances are I won't see a lot of people for a fair while! Very exciting prospect to be going but I am certainly going to miss a lot of people.
House-hunting in Toulouse for next year
At the end of this month me and my friend are going house-hunting in Toulouse (/sunning it up for a few days) which should be good! Our aim is to get an apartment with a balcony pour quand il y a du soleil et nous buvons beaucoup du vin ;)
The commencement of summer!
It is finally feeling like it with the beautiful weather we have been having lately. Summer is just around the corner and I cannot wait. Hopefully I will find a job but I aim just to have a relaxing break with my friends in the sun.

May is going to be a good month.

What are your plans in May?

-Alice x


  1. Cute graphic. I wish it was still summer here in Aus, so jealous!

    xx Bo

    1. Haha don't worry im sure our summer will last about a week! Definitely would rather be in Au right now :) x