Tuesday, 15 April 2014

Savings at Savers

I recently descovered the little gem of a store which is Savers. If you live in the UK you need to check out this drugstore - it isn't the most aesthetically pleasing but it has such good deals on so many brands! Here is what I picked up recently...

1. St Moriz Starter Kit - £2.99 for set of three (tanner, exfoliater and moisturizer). I have yet to try this but being of a very fair complexion I have decided to test this out this summer. I don't mind being pale but a bit of colour on my legs always gives me the confidence to get them out a bit more!

2. Garnier Cleansing Water - £2.99 You may have recently seen my blog post about cleansing waters and I saw this in Savers and decided to give it a go. With the similar packaging and from what I have used of it so far I would say its a fantastic dupe for Bioderma! Definitely worth a try if you are lazy with my skincare like me.

3. Rimmel Products - all £5 or less. This is the main reason I pop to savers - the fact that I can get my favourite 'Wake me up' Rimmel foundation for just £4.99 as opposed to the RRP of £7.99. Every thing is less than £5 which makes most products a lot cheaper than you would find in Boots or Superdrug!

4. Cleansing Wipes - 3 packs for £1. These are just cheap and cheerful no more to say really.

If you have a savers near you definitely check it out for some Beauty Bargains!

Alice x


  1. wow id never heard of this place before! looks so good xx
    The Frill Seeker

    1. You should definitely go! Thanks for checking out my blog :) xx

  2. Wow, what amazing bargains!! Those face wipes, what?? I love Rimmel products too :)


  3. Rimmel products<3 Great post <3