Wednesday, 30 April 2014

Good Vibes.

I can't believe it is already May tomorrow! Where has the year gone?!
It's hard to believe I have been back from Toulouse for a whole month, it has really flown by. I miss it so much, but I am so happy with everything right now. Good times ahead :)

Got myself an Internship...
After months of applications it always turns out to be the job that your dad finds in the local paper doesn't it? But noetheless I recently started my 3 month internship and i'm really enjoying it. It feels great to be doing something with my day again, and getting paid whilst I do it is always a bonus of course!

Joined the Gym...
Just so happens I get a gym membership with my job so it's the perfect opportunity to get fit for the summer months! I am really looking forward to getting active again.

Getting back into studying...
One of my lecturers last year told me about MOOCs (Massive open online courses) which are majoritively free. So the other day I decided to give one a go and enrolled in a 'How to write for the web' course - quite relevant in my life right now! If you are interested yourself, you can browse here, they have courses on anything. I will keep you posted on how this one turns out!

Booked a trip...
I am going to Vietnam! I have had travel on the agenda for my summer for months now and with a job secured I thought there is not better time than the present! So in August I will be jetting off for four weeks to Vietnam with RealGap. I am sooo excited.

Lots to look forward to! How was your April?

Alice x


  1. Wowee, lots of exciting things! Congratulations on the internship, that's fantastic news!
    Carrie xx

  2. Congratulation with your internship, what do you do?

    And I agree that time flies really fast! can't wait to go back to UK soon xx

    1. Thank you! Im doing a marketing internship :) Thanks for checking out my blog! xx