Monday, 16 September 2013

Home Sweet Home

My new french apartment! It took months of blood, sweat, tears and paperwork but me and my housemate found ourselves in our dream apartment for our year in France. It is spacious, clean and cheap so we really cannot complain! 

With a new year comes a new bedroom to move in to. This is the part where I say a big thankyou to my housemate as we only had one double room and one single; so after flipping a coin I got the double (Thanks Hy <3 ).

It is very basic and simple but I love it now I have my little personal touches in it - Can't go wrong with some bunting and photos :)

Although it was a long and hard process finding an apartment in France it has all been so worth it now that we are here and settled. I couldn't ask for much more really!

More regular posts will be coming soon bear with me :)

Alice x

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