Friday, 27 September 2013

A month in Toulouse...

This Sunday I will have already spent a whole month in France! C'est ridiculous, non? Its been a busy and hectic month, but as I sit in my french apartment writing this, there is no where else I would rather be right now (apart from maybe in a bar with un verre du vin - as you can tell I have learnt the important french phrases).

With the beginning of the month came the exploration of Toulouse and a few discoveries such as when the metro doors shut, they shut. Even if your head is between the doors (much to my housemate's dismay). Also we had our first experience of the French nightlife which is beautifully relaxed as everyone has pre-drinks on the riverside before moving on to bars or clubs. I love the bar culture here compared to clubbing at my home university - it makes a nice change to wear just jeans and flats as opposed to short skirts and heels (I find I can last a lot longer in flats!) Not everything is different though, people still chant drunken songs on the metro to the club similar to the rowdy drunken chanting on the buses back home.

We then had our first few days at University where we met all of the exchange students and had a chance to get to know each other in the sunshine. With an amazing total of 31 nationalities between us, it's safe to say we won't run out of things to talk about anytime soon with such characters. Thankfully for me everyone communicates in English most of the time as it is the common language. University is good apart from the trek to get in (about an hour journey) and the hideously long 3 hour lectures. I'm sure some of you would think that an easy feat but 3 hours of someone wittering on about the 7 P's is a struggle at best (if you are a marketer you will know my pain). I have not yet found out what happens if I fall asleep in a lecture but I cant see it being long until I find out.

The social life in Toulouse is perfect with busy cafes in the day and busy bars at night and of course a lot of shopping which my bank balance has already felt the brunt of. Like England, the cinema is a popular pass-time but at a fraction of the price at just 5 euros for a film, about £4.50, as opposed to almost £8 in England. As an attempt to immerse ourselves in the french culture and language further me and some friends went to see 'Jeune et Jolie', a very good film about a french student who is a prostitute. This film naturally had a lot of sex scenes as you would imagine from the storyline but it made my day to hear someone say 'ooh la la' in the cinema at an especially graphic point. If you get the chance to see it though I would definitely recommend!

With these few weeks technically being our 'freshers' there is no shortage of nights out which is great fun - everyone is so lovely and we all get on really well; an event we went to last week was a Mexican themed night involving a lot of maracas and sombreros. 

Anyway, I'm going to wrap this up as too much has happened in a month to fit into one (already too long) post. I have only scratched at the surface of Toulousian life and I can't wait for what's next.

Alice x


  1. Ah Toulouse is such a beautiful city. I've been there quite a couple of times thanks to my job and I love it more each and every time! :) Especially during the summer!


    1. Its a beautiful place! I have fallen in love with it :) x