Sunday, 13 July 2014

Summer Staples #3

Fuss-free Jewellery

When it get's to hot weather, festivals, travelling.. I just can't be bothered with thinking about what jewellery to wear and switching it up daily. I especially can't stand it when you buy a new ring and it before you know it it leaves a blue trace because it's such poor quality.

So I generally opt for Sterling Silver jewellery that I never have to take off and looks good with pretty much anything! It doesn't have to break the bank either as you will see...

Hoop earrings: all from Claire's roughly £5-7 depending on how many per pack

Left to right...
Cross ring - Claire's £10
Small band ring - Part of a pack of 3, Accessorize £15
Thumb Ring - Accessorize, £8
Bobble ring - Pandora, Gift
Daisy ring - Daisy, Gift
Plain silver band - Part of pack of 3 (see above), Accessorize £15
Small heart ring - Accessorize, £5/6

If you are someone like me who doesn't want to have to worry about the faff of jewellery, definitely start a little silver collection!

What's your go-to summer jewellery peice? 

Alice x