Thursday, 10 October 2013

September Snaps

My Instagram from the month of September
My first Urban Decay Naked Pallette - Ready for a night out in Toulouse - Dinner out with my housemate - Walk around the Capital in the sunshine - Heading out to a Latino Bar with my housemate - Sephoraaaa - Picnic in the park with friends - The smoking area at a french university is a well utilised facility- Friday evening rooftop party - Sunset view - Trying to be healthy with salad and salmon - My 'Alice' candle holder
Instagram - alicesmithh


  1. Love these sort of posts :) x

  2. Oh, your first urban decay make up palette will not be your last, after 1 week of using it I was considering how I functioned before I used it. The second picture f yourself is also super pretty! You look amazing.

    Em x