Friday, 30 August 2013

Packing, packing, packing

As I have mentioned in a few posts I am soon to leave England and jet off to France for my year abroad at university there! So I am currently very busy packing and organizing myself for that.

It may seem weird but I actually love packing, it's a great excuse to organise and gets me very excited for my trip. However, I think even my organisational skills would not allow me to fit my whole life into one suitcase, so I decided to ship over some stuff also!

I decided to use Send My Bag which is an amazingly cheap service which allows you to send a bag or box to another country (to send my very large box it cost me just £25!) which was ideal and most definitely needed for my extra shoes, clothes and home comforts :)

A cuddly toy? Dont know how that got in there...

If you are embarking on a year abroad or just going on a long holiday, here are my top packing tips! (they are probably quite obvious but you never know :) )

1. Write a list before you do anything - rather than aimlessly throw things into a suitcase really think about what you will need. Less chance of forgetting something important!
2. Put on a film or tv show as you pack - Packign can sometimes take hours so a good film can make it much mor enjoyable!
3. Wrap your valuables in other clothes - Your bag might be thrown about a bit so be careful.
4. Bag up liquids! You don't want to open your suitcase to find that your clothes are drenched in shampoo.
5. Finally, weigh your bag! Nothing worse than having to re-pack at the airport in front of a line of people if your bag is too heavy.

If you are also going on a year abroad this year, or you;re considering doing one, check out as its great for tips and tricks of what you will need to do before you go.

Are you going on holiday or on a year abroad? 

Alice x

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