Tuesday, 26 March 2013

Strange things happen, are you going round the twist

Did anyone watch that tv show as a child? Think it was called round the twist. Got the theme tune in my head. #90skid

I felt like a ramble today, I haven't posted properly and consistently on here since literally forever. I keep saying to myself I will blog looads next year as I will be in the land of snails and frogs (France), however then I think why not do that now? Its never too early to write down memories and experiences.

Speaking of France, that's a challenge in my life at the moment. Turns out finding accommodation to live for a year in a whole other country is a bit difficult! However this also means a weekend break to sort it all out might be in order (yay). It excites and scares me to be going away in a few months, a few months which I know will fly by and before I know it i'll be there!
Je suis un peu nerveuse.

I am almost halfway through my 4 week internship at the moment (something else which is going by so quickly!), and I never appreciated how tiring working 9-5 is. I know its average if not less than most peoples work load which makes me glad i'm doing it as I feel like im really earning my money for once and learning so much as I go. I'll be honest I am one of those people who likes to have a system in place and know exactly what i'm doing and how to do it; and starting out at a company is none of these things. So it turns out these four weeks are teaching me not to worry and stress as much as well.

Summer is nearly here again! NOT.
It is late March here in the Southwest of England and I find myself still sleeping in at least 3 layers in bed and failing to feel my feet/fingers throughout the day. It's ridiculous - global warming? Hmm I have yet to see proof of this one.

More soon.

Alice x

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